AutoKeras – a tough competitor for Google’s AutoML

Auto-Keras is an open source software library for automated machine learning (AutoML). It is developed by DATA Lab at Texas A&M University and community contributors. The ultimate goal of AutoML is to provide easily accessible deep learning tools to domain experts with limited data science or machine learning background. Auto-Keras provides functions to automatically search for architecture and hyperparameters of deep learning models.

We can create deep learning models in just 4 lines of code :

import autokeras as ak 
clf = ak.ImageClassifier(), y_train) 
results = clf.predict(x_test)

Simple right ? The preview version has been released and awaiting for its final official release.

I’m damn sure that this will make the newbies in DeepLearning to make their hands wet by creating complex deep learning models at ease.

TensorFlow 2.0 !!!!

TensorFlow has become the world’s most widely adopted machine learning framework, catering to a broad spectrum of users and use-cases. In this time, TensorFlow has evolved along with rapid developments in computing hardware, machine learning research, and commercial deployment.

The latest we hear from Martin Wicke is that :

TensorFlow 2.0 is coming with  major updates !!!!

Main Features of TensorFlow 2.0 include :

  • Eager Execution – which makes TensorFlow easier to learn and apply.
  • Support for more platforms and languages.
  • Removal of deprecated API’s.

Another major thing is “tf.contrib“, which will be stopped distributing as a part of release of TensorFlow 2.0

Preview version will be released this year 2018 lately.